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Linux, general questions

Martyn Foster
Occasional Contributor

Linux, general questions

Hi All,

I have been given the task of trying to find out information on the questions below. I know that they might be long and complicated questions but if anybody could find some time to answer any of the questions below I will be eternally grateful.

1. Does HP recommend any disk volume management other than Veritas?

2. Where can I find information on Ignite for Linux

3. How does MC/Serviceguard for Linux compare with MC/SG for HP-UX

4. Can failover of packages between Linux machines take place between different configuration machines and could SSL apps failover transparently.

I'm sorry for the questions but I am a bit stuck, like I say, any help no matter how small will be gratefully appreciated. If I am asking too much please let me know.


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Bernie Vande Griend
Respected Contributor

Re: Linux, general questions

Here is a link to HP's Linux software:

From what I've heard and seen on their web site, Ignite is only a HP-UX product. I do not believe an equivalent is available for Linux.

As for Service Guard, it was supposed to be released about now, but I'm not sure that its been. From what I understand it should be very similar to the HP-UX version.

As I don't work for HP, I don't know what they recommend, but depending on what Linux distribution you choose there are free version of LVM available besides Veritas.

I would suggest contacting HP-UX about your Service Guard questions since the product is so new to Linux and not much information is available yet.
Hope this helps at least a little bit. -Bernie
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