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Linux installation on DL360 G5

naveed iqbal
Occasional Visitor

Linux installation on DL360 G5

I am trying to install RHEL 4 on DL360 G5 and it keeps giving me no HDD found. I dont have a FDD in this machine to load the drivers, Can some one help me with this install please?
Thanks in advance
Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux installation on DL360 G5

Which RHEL 4 are you using? U4?
One long-haired git at your service...
naveed iqbal
Occasional Visitor

Re: Linux installation on DL360 G5

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the reply.

I previously installed succesfully on another server.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3 (Taroon Update 5)
Please help.
naveed iqbal
Occasional Visitor

Re: Linux installation on DL360 G5

Sorry it is RHEL 3.


Re: Linux installation on DL360 G5

you can use the PXE boot method to do this..

If the system to be installed contains a network interface card (NIC) with Pre-Execution Environment (PXE) support then direct install over PXE is possible.
The following steps must be performed to prepare for a PXE installation:
1. Configure the NFS server to export the installation source.
2. Configure the TFTP server necessary for PXE booting.
3. Start/enable the tftp service.
4. Configure the DHCP.
Additionally, configure the NFS server to export the Driver Diskette images and the iSCSI boot/Configuration related code and utilities.
On the PXE server execute the following:
# vi /tftpboot/linux-install/pxelinux.cfg/default
In this file add the following lines:
kernel /images/pxeboot/vmlinuz
append initrd=/images/pxeboot/\
initrd.img ramdisk_size=10000 dd=nfs::/opt/hp/\
iboot_install/ddimages/iboot_install_.dd \
a. Switch on the server.
b. Make sure that Option ROM initialized successfully and is able to login successfully onto the target disk. This can be confirmed by looking at the iSCSI option ROM messages during POST.
c. Press for PXE installation when prompted.
d. Enter the label number (specified in the above section) at the PXE boot prompt and hit .
e. The installation will start pulling the installation sources from NFS server.
Rick Beldin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Linux installation on DL360 G5

Linux - Installing RHEL4 U3 using USB key errors; cannot find driver diskette image


The objective is to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 U3 (RHEL4 U3) on a Proliant DL360G5 which does not have a diskette drive. A "driver disk" is required for the Smart Array controller. However, when a device is specified via the USB key, an error message is displayed that indicates that a driver diskette image cannot be found on that device. RHEL V4U3 does not have a driver for HP's SmartArray P400i.

Note that RHEL V4U4 installs without an issue.


There are some issues with USB keys being used as driver disks by the installer in some releases prior to U4. For example, this bugzilla report describes what appears to be a similar issue:

Since the DL360 has no floppy device, either as a real device or through ilo virtual media, the USB key is presented as a scsi device. Here is a workaround:

1. Put the cciss driver disk on an http or ftp site.
2. Boot the first cd of the RHEL4 U3 installation set as follows:

linux nostorage dd=ftp://ip-of-ftp-site/path-to-driver-disk

This will cause the installer to ask you to select the devices to install. One of the options will be to install "Updated CCIS driver". Select this option, and the installer will access the driver disk over the network and avoid the issues with local USB keys.

The nostorage option to the installer is currently undocumented.
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