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Linux knowledge

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Linux knowledge

hi Experts,

I am new to this OS..what is the best to start with this so that i can easily handle command and my hands on the same

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sarfaraj ahmad
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Re: Linux knowledge

Hi Parker,

below link will help you in this regard,

anyway you can search a lot of materials in google.

Steven Schweda
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Re: Linux knowledge

> anyway you can search a lot of materials in
> google.

Especially when only one of us knows which of
the many GNU/Linux varieties he's interested
in. (And most of us also don't know how much
he knows about anything.)
Lucifer Megacruel
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Re: Linux knowledge

Hi Parkar,

I am not an expert. However I am a self taught guy. The best place to learn IMHO is the linux documentation project.


Also man does help a lot
man command_name
info command_name
man function_name

eg man fgets()

You can try out various distributions and find which suits you the most. I prefer Slackware though. Easiest to get started is ubuntu or Mandrake I suppose. There is nothing much in distro's once you get the concepts right, they are more or less the same.

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Lucifer Megacruel
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Re: Linux knowledge

BEST way to LEARN and become familar with Linux?

Install Linux yourself
You can install or run Linux yourself on a USB Stick these days.

Get any of the Live Distribution and ensrhine on a USB Stick. Most distributions will fit on as little as 1Gbye Flash Drive.

Among the best: Ubuntu (debian) and Fedora (Redhat).

And if you are coming from a UNIX ENvironment -- adjustment is real easy too.

If your are NEW, then GOOGLE is practically your instant HOWTO Resource sir. Ask natural language questions on Google and you will have your instant answer.

Hakuna Matata.
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Re: Linux knowledge

My opinion is to grab a copy of "Linux for Dummies", an Ubuntu LiveCD, and a spare PC.
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Re: Linux knowledge

You don't even ned a spare PC..
Install a disto that gets yer fancy ON TO a USB Flash Drive and you don't even need to mess with that WIndows OS that's on your laptop, netbook or desktop.

Visit and choose a Linux of your Liking.

The best environment for testing any OS is get your own Virtualisation environment. Any dual or quad core el-cheapo circa 2005+ CPU supports virtualisation with ample memory.

You can use (all FREE):
- vMware ESXi
- vMware Server on top of Linux or Windows XP
- xVM/VirtualBox on top of Widnows
- Xen on top of Any Linux (Ubuntu is prefereed)
- KVM on top of Linux (Fedora or Ubuntu)

among the well knowns.

Pne you have this environment... testing a multitude of Linux and other OSes is a Breeze...
Hakuna Matata.
Wilfred Chau_1
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Re: Linux knowledge

If you are using Red Hat in your production environment. Advise you to install CentOS or Oracle Enterprise Linux in a virtual machine or desktop. They are basically Red Hat with a different logo.

Wonderful resource to start learning Linux: