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Log Analyzer for Informix Database

Monte Heeren
Frequent Advisor

Log Analyzer for Informix Database

Was wondering if there is a log analyzer for an Informix database out there. I have tried onlog, but the data is pretty cryptic.
I was trying to look at a particular log tape for specific info.

I used: onlog -ld /dev/rmt/0m

Monte Heeren.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Log Analyzer for Informix Database

> onlog ---
Invalid option list.

Usage: onlog [-l] [-q] [-b] [-d ] [-n identifier>-] [-u ]
[-t ] [-x ]

-l Display maximum information about each log record
-q Do not display program header
-b Display information about logged BLOB pages (-d option only)
-d Read from tape device (written by ontape)
-n Display the specified log(s)
-u Display the specified user(s)
-t Display the specified TBLspace(s)
-x Display the specified transaction(s)

What was the "specific info" you were looking for?
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Monte Heeren
Frequent Advisor

Re: Log Analyzer for Informix Database

The format is hard to read. The right side of the display is text and the left side looks like hex. I was wondering if there was a product that would display the log information better.

I was looking for a certain PID like E000201. The right side of the screen would show the PID as E0002, and then the next line would show 01. I could not do a find just on the PID E000201.