Log out problem Red Hat 7.3

Arthur Young_1
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Log out problem Red Hat 7.3


I was wondering if anyone can help me resolve my log out problem in Red Hat 7.3. I currently have HP X4000 workstation with RH 7.3. This workstation comes with ATI Radeon 8800 graphic card. I updated the latest driver already. I used "fglrxconfig" to configure the dual display on two Sun Monitors. It worked fine after I rebooted the system. Both monitors were able to display 1600X1200 resolution. But when I logged in as normal user and logged out, the system will freeze. Here are the symptom:

1) both monitors are blank
2) lost connection to the workstation.
3) Front light on X4000 workstation has two Red lights and two Yellow lights.
4) I have to force reboot each time in order to get back to Red Hat 7.3.

Please let me know if anyone can help.


Steven E. Protter
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Re: Log out problem Red Hat 7.3

There has got to be a message about this in the system log.

In addtion, you can add echo statements or split output with the tee command in your shutdown sequence to see what step you are actually failing on.

shutdown scripts in Linux are in the /etc/init.d directory.

They are run in from highest number to lowest in the /etc/rc.3 directory to downward. If your normal system run level is 3 it will to the prior directory then /etc/rc.2 etc...

Put your echo statements or tee split output commands in the scripts in /etc/init.d, the /etc/rc.3 etc directories actually only contain links to the scripts in /etc/init.d

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Arthur Young_1
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Re: Log out problem Red Hat 7.3

Thanks for your reply. I just don't understand how would logging out Red Hat 7.3 will cause the whole system to freeze like this. there is no problem logging out when I only setup for one monitor. Could this video card be the problem?

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Re: Log out problem Red Hat 7.3

The Xircon Lite diagnostic LEDs may be trying to tell you something important (mentioned in your bullet point #3). Specifically, page 213 of the Technical Reference Manual (available at http://h200005.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/lpv37863/lpv37863.pdf ) states that a RED RED YELLOW YELLOW display is a "Fatal Internal Processor Error". I recommend flashing the system BIOS to ensure it is the latest available. After flashing the BIOS, clear CMOS using the switches on the motherboard. If this doesn't correct the error, you may wish to contact your regional HP Customer Care center for further assistance, as a hardware replacement (possibly the motherboard or processor) may be required to correct the issue.
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