Looking for notebook to run RedHat Linux 9

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Looking for notebook to run RedHat Linux 9

Now I'm looking for notebook to run the lastest version of RedHat Linux 9. But I'm note sure which notebook model support properly it, I mean such device, Lan, Modem, Video, Multimedia... Could you please recommend me? Note: I prefer Pentium 4 base.

Jerome Henry
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Re: Looking for notebook to run RedHat Linux 9

There are many !!
Go to
where you'll get a full compatibility list off hardware supported, then make your choice !
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Sergejs Svitnevs
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Re: Looking for notebook to run RedHat Linux 9

IBM Thinkpad's are the best bet but Redhat will run on anything ...

Check out this page:

Best thing to do is verify each piece of hardware on RedHat's hardware compatibility list (HCL):

Bruce Copeland
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Re: Looking for notebook to run RedHat Linux 9

As you know, notebooks and Linux are always a bit dicey. That is particularly the case because usually you can't buy a new notebook with older hardware, and it is the newest hardware that often is poorly supported under Linux. I agree with Sergejs that you should try to check compatibility for each component on any notebook you are considering buying. But even that isn't always enough. I can think of plenty of cases in the past when certain notebooks performed poorly under Linux even though most major components were supported. Also most of the time you can't get any detailed information about notebook keyboards, displays, and special components like multimedia buttons, etc. These sometimes cause major problems under Linux. I use the following steps when I buy notebooks:

1) Check Red Hat's computer compatibility list, and look at the various Linux notebook sites to identify possible notebook models. (Try in addition to the link given by Sergejs.)

2) Find out what components are present on any model that interests you, and check to see if all those components are individually supported by Red Hat Linux.

3) Search Google for the term linux (and possibly Red Hat) along with the manufacturer and model of the notebook under consideration. This finds other people's success stories with that notebook and also any problems they may have encountered.

Donald Kok
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Re: Looking for notebook to run RedHat Linux 9

FWIW, I run linux on a Toshiba SP6100, and I'm perfectly happy with it. Every piece of hardware I want to use is covered.

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John Meissner
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Re: Looking for notebook to run RedHat Linux 9

I use a Dell Latitude C600
It's a 700 mghz with 392 Mb RAM - it runs very nicely and have NEVER had any problems running Linux on it.
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Erik Poupaert
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Re: Looking for notebook to run RedHat Linux 9

I've just installed Redhat 9 on my new Compaq presario 2100. On the whole it works more or less, but there are annoyances though.

The worst annoyance is the fact that nowhere in the documentation you can find which version of the ATI Radion Mobility is built into the laptop. I've called support and asked them which chip it was, but they couldn't find it either. No one knows which version it is. If I knew the model, I could download the appropriate driver from the ATI website. They fully support linux. The information is unfortunately nowhere to be found and probing doesn't disclose it either.

In the meanwhile I'm running X using the generic VESA driver; which works alright, but not as well as a specific driver would.

If I can give you one advice: stay away from new Compaq notebook models, until they are fully supported in Linux; buy a model that is at least 6 months old -- even second hand one. It will save you a lot of hassle.

Another saddening truth is the fact that IBM Thinkpads will work out of the box with Linux. There is a price differential though: they are a few hundred Euros more expensive. I'm now beginning to think however, that they are worth the extra money.
Wil Pike
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Re: Looking for notebook to run RedHat Linux 9

Running RH8.0 on a ze5155 HP. Never had reason/opportunity to check the modem or firewire, but NIC, sound, display, etc is all good.


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Matthew Couper
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Re: Looking for notebook to run RedHat Linux 9

I just got a new Dell Inspiron 600c with the Centrino chipsets and loaded Red Hat 9 on it.

It works great, but there are still a few things I need to figure out...For some reason it doesn't see the battery, no big deal I'll get to it one day.
The built in wireless doesen't work as of now. Intel is internally working on the drivers for it with Linux so I'm hoping one day soon they put those out, until then I can easily use my Linksys WPC11 out-of-the-box with RH9.

Other then those two small things (and having to set the display to 1400x1050 to get the GUI visible) it runs great.

This is a brand new system so I expected a few things not to work (like the wireless), I'm sure buy the next Red Hat release in 6 months everything will be working perfectly ;-)