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Mail server implementation...............

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Mail server implementation...............


We are planning to go for an e-mailing setup in our organization using the existing 3 * HP 9000 L class servers.The servers are loaded with HP-UX 11.00. The clients are Windows based pcs and they will be configured for Outlook express, edura etc............

If anybody has implemented this setup, please let me know the procedure in a nutshell including the commands.....

Wheather i should enable DNS or not ? etc....

I would also like to know that if i connect one of the servers to internet at a later stage, what are the precuations i should take now.

Thanks in advance,
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harry d brown jr
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Re: Mail server implementation...............


Here is a great document on how to "secure" your server connected to the internet, which I have built over 20.

Now, make sure you have a Cisco Pix in front of it, or something of equal strength, and then behind it (before your internal network) a DIFFERENT vendor, like Raptor or Checkpoint! This makes the job of a hacker difficult, and mostly to move one to easier prey.

If you decide to make one of your HP hosts a DNS server, I wouldn't put one in your "DMZ" (the secured area between you and the internet).

As for mail, well we use netscape as a standard because of the security and virus capabilities built into outlook (I honestly think it's a feature).

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Bill Hassell
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Re: Mail server implementation...............

Outlook cannot send or receive email without a server--it is just a client. HP-UX does not supply any email server software, so you need to define:

- Are the L-class machines going to act as mail servers for the PCs or simply send and receive email with builtin tools like sendmail, mailx and elm?

- If the L-class machines are to be setup as PC servers, how is the mail to be distributed among the 3 computers?

- If the L-class boxes are going to be PC servers? Then you'll need to get something like IMAP from public sources so Outlook can communicate with the L-class machines.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Ralf Hildebrandt
Valued Contributor

Re: Mail server implementation...............

Install Postfix as SMTP server on the system
A good IMAP/POP Server is courier-imap
DNS: Of course you need "DNS", because EMail is relying on it. You definitely want a DNScache on the server for outgoing mail.

OTOH, if you have no clue about any of this, you're definitely not the person who should do that job.

Alos, you need to harden the boxes, because HP-UX comes with a lot of unneeded services enabled.
Postfix/BIND/Security/IDS/Scanner, you name it...