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Microfocus Cobol Runtime errors - unindentifiable

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Microfocus Cobol Runtime errors - unindentifiable

We have a N4000 running HP-UX 11.00 and HP Cobol 4.1. Some days ago, our programs started to corrupt database indexes (more than one program, more than one file in more than one filesystem).

The error code simply returns as "ÿÿ" on a courier-font terminal emulator, so the hex code for this two-character message would be 0xffff. The Cobol people here says they don't know what the error might mean, and insist that it should be an infrastructure problem.

The VGs are served by an enteprise storage backed with a multipath SAN. There´re syslog/resmon errors at all, and the error does not seem to be correlated with time or processing.

Has anyone ever seen this kind of error? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.