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Migration of foxfro database to oracle database

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Migration of foxfro database to oracle database

Hi all,

How to migrate foxfro database to oracle database.please provide me any docs related to this Migration.


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Re: Migration of foxfro database to oracle database


I'm almost 100% certain there are no documents for this, as it's all pretty straight forward and self-explanatory. It's a classic migration.

Using something like Microsoft Access - create two odbc connections - one to the FoxPro database, and another to the Oracle database.

Create tables in Oracle that mirror the FoxPro ones.

Create queries that pull from the FoxPro tables, and insert the data into the Oracle tables.

Create sequencers to replace autonumbering fields.
Create triggers to replace validation requirements.
Create indexes to replace indexes.
Create sql code segments to replace FoxPro code segments.
Using whatever interface you want create screens to replace screen interfaces.
Using whatever report tool you want, write reports to replace all of the old reports.
Use code to replace menu security systems in similar manner if you had one. Don't hard code it- make it table and form driven.
Use code to replace queueing model for report and job maintenance if you had one. Make that job scheduler table driven as well.

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