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Move Schema

Frequent Advisor

Move Schema


I have schema called BSA in DATABASE1 in SERVER1.

Now i need to move / mirror (with data)the entire schema to DATABASE1 in SERVER2.

Which would be the best method to do this ?

Jean-Luc Oudart
Honored Contributor

Re: Move Schema

Is this Oracle ?

to copy a schema with data you can use :
"export" from db1/server1
copy dmp file to server2 (ftp, ...)
"import" into db1/server2

specify OWNER=BSA in the parameter file (or command line)

fiat lux
Frequent Advisor

Re: Move Schema

Sorry. Yes this is oracle 8.1.7

Export is the best method ?
some says DBLink should also work but need to create objects manually.

Thanks anyway. i go for export and import.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Move Schema


I have moved the whole schema from server1 to server 2.

I checked num of tables and count of records in each table and found expect for you rest all got right counts.

Now , how do i check whether all constraints and other objects have moved properly.
Is there any quick way to double check this ?

What else need to be done to make sure we have the exact replica of the schema in server2 ???

Sanjay Kumar Suri
Honored Contributor

Re: Move Schema

Exp and imp have a option LOG where you can specify logfile that receive informational/error messages.

This logfile can be used for comparison.

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