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MySql binary depot installation....

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MySql binary depot installation....

Hi to all

this library is really becoming a nightmare for me.
The system is a E class (yes they still exist!) with HP-UX 11.00.

I downloaded the binary depot of mysql 3.23.54a (for HPUX 11.00) from Software porting and archive centre ( and tried to install it.

swinstall reported an error, saying it did not find gcc.gcc-SHLIBS. I ignored it and installed the depot. And when I tried to run the script for creating the initial database it complained not finding the library

As I read in other threads this is a 10.20 library. But the depot downloaded is (or it's supposed to be) for 11.00 version. I tried with the mysql binary depot on, (for 11.11 this time) and got the same...

Any ideas? Had anyone tried it? (the 3.23.54a version)?

Thanks in advance....
Artyom Voronchihin
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Re: MySql binary depot installation....

Hello !
See this discussion -,,0x3f405c7609e9d61190050090279cd0f9,00.html
"Intel inside" is not a label, it's a warning.

Re: MySql binary depot installation....


I faced same problem. However, I can't find this version 3.1 of gcc from the internet web sites. Have u any ftp sites for me to retrieve this gcc? or any other sites to get it.

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Re: MySql binary depot installation....