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Mysql thread problem

Andrea Carpani
Occasional Contributor

Mysql thread problem

I've installed mysql v3.23.51 on a rp5470 with 3 Gb of mrmory. Every connection in mysql leads to a new thread and the standard setup for HP-11.00 is 64 thread/proc max, so it quickly turned out that we had to change the max_thread_proc and nkthread parameters. We changed max_thread_proc to 128 and indeed the max number of connections available grew to about 120. max_thread_proc is now 512.

The problem is that sometimes the problem arises again and with a number of connections (I get them from netstat) aroung 60/75. Now the questions are: has somebody else seen this problem? Are there any other parameters to check ?

Steve Steel
Honored Contributor

Re: Mysql thread problem


1)Do you see a message in the /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log when it goes wrong.

2)How is your patch level.

PHCO_23651 fsck_vxfs(1M) cumulative patch
PHCO_25902 cumulative SAM/ObAM patch
PHCO_26017 user/group(add/mod/del)(1M) cumulative patch
PHKL_18543 PM/VM/UFS/async/scsi/io/DMAPI/JFS/perf patch
PHKL_20016 2nd CPU not recognized in G70/H70/I70
PHKL_24027 VxFS 3.1 cumulative patch
PHKL_27364 Probe,IDDS,PM,VM,A-8700,AIO,T600,FS,Hang
PHKL_27510 vfs cumulative patch

3)Look at kmtune -l

Also maxuprc and nproc

Steve Steel
If you want truly to understand something, try to change it. (Kurt Lewin)
Andrea Carpani
Occasional Contributor

Re: Mysql thread problem


1) Sorry no errors in the syslog.log


PHCO_22767 1.0 cumulative crontab/at/cron patch
PHCO_25707 1.0 libc cumulative patch
PHKL_25098 1.0 kmadmin; autoload; DLKM load; MO; eventport
PHKL_25613 1.0 IDS/9000; file/socket syscalls; eventports
PHKL_25675 1.0 SCSI IO Subsystem Cumulative Patch
PHKL_25906 1.0 Probe,IDDS,PM,VM,PA-8700,asyncio,T600,FS
PHKL_26059 1.0 syscall, signal, umask cumulative patch
PHNE_17190 1.0 sendmail(1m) 8.8.6 patch
PHNE_25484 1.0 ONC/NFS General Release/Performance Patch
PHNE_25626 1.0 ONC/NFS General Release/Performance Patch
PHSS_14982 1.0 PDCINFO patch Version A.02.24
PHSS_21614 1.0 HP DCE/9000 1.7 Runtime cumulative patch
PHSS_25787 1.0 CDE Runtime DEC2001 Periodic Patch
PHSS_26138 1.0 OV EMANATE14.2 Agent Consolidated Patch
PHSS_26262 1.0 ld(1) and linker tools cumulative patch
PHSS_26411 1.0 Support Tool Manager Mar 02 Patch

3) looking at "kmtune -l" I can't see anything strange apart from the 2 parameters I've already changed (nkthread and max_thread_proc.