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NIS or LDAP -- which One is best ?

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Valued Contributor

NIS or LDAP -- which One is best ?

Hello Dear Experts

NIS and LDAP are both the Network Directory Services.
Plz le me know which one is more powerful, mature, and feature-rich.
And specially in future which one(either LDAP, or NIS) will have the market ?

Thanks n Regards

Alexander Chuzhoy
Honored Contributor

Re: NIS or LDAP -- which One is best ?

LDAP is defenetely a preffered option.
And it already has the market.
While NIS is pretty much limited to UNIX enviroment,LDAP is widely used on many platforms.
Jan Sladky
Trusted Contributor

Re: NIS or LDAP -- which One is best ?


Alexander is right. NIS is old service from SUN, which is very simple to use, but isn't secure.
(That is why the NIS+ was developed. But neither NIS+ has no future, even if it was some time as default NDS on Solaris, was not adopted by the Unix community because of its very difficult administration e.g.few months ago was NIS+ a part of SuSE Linux, nowadays is there only NIS and LDAP)

There is one way only - LDAP ;-)

br Jan
GSM, Intelligent Networks, UNIX
Valued Contributor

Re: NIS or LDAP -- which One is best ?

Dear Alexander, and Jan Sladky, I m highly Thankful to u for the prompt reply/help, and the explanation.