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Need Help

Jim Alexander_2
Occasional Contributor

Need Help

I am trying to start Sybase database on HP UNIX 11.11.
I receive the following errors:
ninit: cannot find host
ninit: All master network listeners have failed. Shutting down.

Works fine on HP UNIX 11.00
Martha Mueller
Super Advisor

Re: Need Help

I am very interested in any responses you receive. We are researching the move from 11.0 to 11i and we use sybase.
Jim Butler
Valued Contributor

Re: Need Help


Try a netstat -a to see if the ports are active/open, etc.

Check /etc/nsswitch.conf
and /etc/services.

In services, verify the services are defined, the port numbers match up.
Verify your /etc/hosts has the name of your listener, and verify by running
nslookup hostname.

Your nsswitch.conf must be set as
hosts: files nis dns -(for example). however; if you are using dns as your resolver, verify that you are in the proper dns domain, as your hostname may be resolved as hostname.domain.type.

Do you have any log files that have messages besides what you posted
Man The Bilge Pumps!
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Need Help

I am not familiar with Sybase but:

I am an expert with Software AG Adabas and we have lots of oracle databases.

Here is what to look for if the technology is similar:

Message Queues. Databases use a lot of shared memory, ipcs command, see what free, whats allocated.


This is critical. Open the Sybas manual and look for their recommended minimum Kernel configuration and redo your kernel either with sam or kmtune et al to exceed these minimums.

If Sybase does not provide guidance, then look at the 11.00 kernel and expand on that parameter by parameter.

Just for grins, make sure the Sybase you are using is certified 64 bit, just in case you're doing a 32 to 64 upgrade.

Make sure the latest Quality Pack from HP is installed, and look for relavent Sybase patches. Take the time, install those that are relavent.

If your problem is related to IPC's it will act like there is a network problem, but there really isn't one.

Oracle has a connectivity configuration file that relies on hostname, but can be changed manually to use IP addresses. This saves a few microseconds anyway, and you might want to look at Sybases' equivalent to the tnsnames.ora file.

Though this post may be useless to you, databases have a lot of commonality and its a good practice to follow these guideines even if the post does not help you solve your problem.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation