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Need Help2

System Dude_1
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Need Help2

Ok, let says that I need a c script for this. How should I do it as I'm not well verse in c script.

My shell script as follows and I need a c script:

1. I need to remsh to server A as my script.sql is located in that server

2. I need to pass in a employee name to get his/her salary. How to pass it in?

sqlplus -s user/Password@oracle @script.sql $1
tail -2 $1.lst > $1.tmp
mv $1.tmp $1.lst

3. In the same script I need to return the value. If file exist then I need to return a 1 value and if file did not exist then I return 0 value.
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Jeff Machols
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Re: Need Help2

On server B

EXIT_VAL=`remsh servera passed_value`
echo "Status us $EXIT_VAL"

On server A create to be

sqlplus -s user/Password@oracle @script.sql $1
COUNT=`tail -2 $1.lst | wc -l`
if [ $COUNT -eq 2 ]
echo "1"
echo "0"


You cannot use $? on remsh becuase it returns the value of remsh not the script you call.
Also I am assuming by your code segment you return true if there are two lines in the file? You can tweak the if to fit whatever you need