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Need Perl Script for this requiremnet

Occasional Contributor

Need Perl Script for this requiremnet

In a Data file with delemtier "|"
first field is Store Number and the 4th field is Coupon type.
there are different types of coupons like type '2','3','4','7'.

i need a script generating unique store number with apporpiate count of coupons values

Sample Data:


Output should be :
Store number cpn 2| cpn 3|cpn4
200 1 | 2 | 0
300 0 | 0 | 1
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Need Perl Script for this requiremnet

Hmmm, much the same problem as:

Thanks for providing clear input and output definitions.

Since I had the test script still floating around... this should be close...

$file = "x2.txt";
open (INP, "<$file" ) or die "$file: $!";
while () {
my ($key, $coupon) = (split /\s*\|\s*|$/)[0,3];
$counters{"$key $coupon"}++;
close INP;
print "Store number";
foreach my $coupon (sort keys %valid_coupons) {print "| cpn $coupon"} ;
print "\n";
foreach my $key (sort keys %stores) {
print "SN=$key";
foreach my $coupon (sort keys %valid_coupons) {
printf (" | %d ", $counters{"$key $coupon"});
print "\n";