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Need krb5_init_context

J.A.R. Karremans
Frequent Advisor

Need krb5_init_context

Hi all,


I am quite new to Kerberos.

I want to compile Kerberos into apache.

Therefor I installed Kerberos 5 on my box.

Now, when I try to run configure and include Kerberos 5 (/opt/krb5core) it keeps complaining that it cannot find krb5_init_context and all I can find is that this is a function of some sorts.

What now?

I need to get:

./configure --with-krb5=(somepath like /opt/krb5core) \

                 --with-krb4=no \


running, but it doesn't...


Who has some point towards the light for me?


Many regards!