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Need to fix display issue

Valued Contributor

Need to fix display issue

Hello Gurus,


I have not much idea about the  graphics configuration in hpunix.


process state (/usr/contrib/bin/X11/xinit /home/xstart/.xinitrc) 0 instead of between [1 - 1] 


getting this error in my server. Actually server was not in use forlong time.

So i dont have its history of theserver.


My only thing is I need to set the server up for the display using those files.


I can modify if needed...


The thing is that I need to setup the above mntioned file well  for my application teams.


For that is it necessary to have a graphics card?


how to find it out?


is it have any relatin ship with X11 forwarding?


Few files and their contents are pasted..


root@serverx:.../root # ls -l /home/xstart/.xinitrc
-rwxrwxrwx   1 root       sys            176 Sep 20 16:34 /home/xstart/.xinitrc
root@serverx:.../root # more /home/xstart/.xinitrc
xsetroot  -solid  gray  &
oclock  -geometry  75x75-0-0  &
xload  -geometry  -80-0  &
xterm  -geometry  +0+60  &
xconsole  -geometry  -0+0  -fn  5x7  &
xhost + pv2000
exec  mwm
root@serverx:.../root #
root@serverx:.../root #
root@serverx:.../root #

root@serverx:.../root # strings /usr/contrib/bin/X11/xinit
$Revision: 92453-07 linker linker crt0.o B.11.16 000601 $
ERROR: mmap failed for dld
ERROR: mmap failed for TSD
@(#)X Window System, Version 11 R6+ HP-UX B.11.11.00 +O2
@(#)(build date: Sat Sep 30 23:38:07 IST 2000)
Xhp         HP monochrome and colors displays on 9000/300 series
unexpected signal %d
Server error.
Client error.
X server to begin accepting connections
no server "%s" in PATH
unable to connect to X server
no program named "%s" in PATH
can't send HUP to process group %d
Can't kill X server
X server to shut down
server to die
Can't kill server
root@serverx:.../root #

root@serverx:.../root # uname -a
HP-UX serverx B.11.11 U 9000/785 2686420024 unlimited-user license
root@serverx:.../root #


Thanks in advance for your help




Valued Contributor

Re: Need to fix display issue

Just to update the server model is






Honored Contributor

Re: Need to fix display issue

> process state (/usr/contrib/bin/X11/xinit /home/xstart/.xinitrc) 0 instead of between [1 - 1]


This looks like a message from some sort of monitoring agent that is configured to expect to have exactly 1 copy of the command "/usr/contrib/bin/X11/xinit /home/xstart/.xinitrc" running, probably at all times.


This command looks like a command to start a X11 GUI on a locally-attached display. It is not at all related to X11 forwarding: if you connect to this system from some other system, and the other system can display X11 windows, you only need to have the DISPLAY environment variable configured properly to run X11 applications on this system and have them display their windows on the other system.


As far as I know, the /home/xstart directory is not standard in HP-UX. So someone has probably built a custom script for starting up the GUI display without a login prompt.


The .xinitrc file can be used to determine which GUI applications to start for the display. The file you pasted seems to define a simplified desktop: a solid gray background, a clock and a server load meter in the lower right corner, a console log message viewer in the upper right, and a 60-line Xterm window in the upper left. It also allows the "pv2000" system to send remote X11 windows to this system, and runs mwm (Motif Window Manager) to draw the window frames and desktop menus. If the mwm process stops, the X11 display will shut down.


Since the .xinitrc file is in /home/xstart, the command might be intended to be run as user "xstart".


Model 9000/785/C8000 is a workstation, so it most likely has a built-in display adapter. Hopefully it also has a working display connected to it (maybe an old CRT).


What happens if you become root on this system, and then run this command?

su -c "/usr/contrib/bin/X11/xinit /home/xstart/.xinitrc" - xstart



Valued Contributor

Re: Need to fix display issue

Hi Matti,


Thanks for help.


I tried to execute , but seems ot working.


oot@serverx:.../root # "/usr/contrib/bin/X11/xinit /home/xstart/.xinitrc" - xstart
sh: /usr/contrib/bin/X11/xinit /home/xstart/.xinitrc:  not found.
root@serverx:.../root #
root@serverx:.../root #
root@serverx:.../root #
root@serverx:.../root # /usr/contrib/bin/X11/xinit
_XSERVTransSocketINETCreateListener: ...SocketCreateListener() failed
_XSERVTransMakeAllCOTSServerListeners: server already running

Fatal server error:
Cannot establish any listening sockets - Make sure an X server isn't already running

When reporting a problem related to a server crash, please send
the full server output, not just the last messages.
Please report problems to your HP support representative.

/usr/contrib/bin/X11/xinit:  Error 0 (errno 0):  Server error.
root@serverx:.../root #
root@serverx:.../root # /home/xstart/.xinitrc - xstart
xsetroot:  unable to open display ''
xhost:  unable to open display ""
Error: Can't open display:
Error: Couldn't find per display information
mwm: Could not open display.
root@serverx:.../root # Error: Can't open display:
Error: Couldn't find per display information
Error: Can't open display:
Error: Couldn't find per display information
Error: Can't open display:
Error: Couldn't find per display information


waiting for next help :-)




Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Need to fix display issue

>xhost:  unable to open display ""


Have you exported DISPLAY?