Network Auto Discovery Problem

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Network Auto Discovery Problem

I have written a C program to auto discover the elements in a network.
Basically i am broadcasting an ICMP(ECHO/ping) message on the network and collecting all the IP address from the reply of this ICMP message.

In this case I am able discover only Network devices like Routers and Switches and servers like Unix or Linux m/c. But not NT machines.
Could any one let me know why is it so and any other method to discover the elements in the network,

Ralf Reinartz
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Re: Network Auto Discovery Problem


Use "fping" to ping the Network (up to 255 adesses with one command"
You'll get reponse for all IP addresses alive.
When you've got the IP use nmblookup (Part of Samba) to discover the Windows version and Workgroup.
For SNMP Station you can discover Systemnames and so on with snmpget (CMU SNMP or UCD SNMP or perl snmptools or ....)
I do it on this way with some perl-scripts only and it works great for two years now.

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