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ODBC between oracle DB and Ms SQL

tom quach_1
Super Advisor

ODBC between oracle DB and Ms SQL

Dear all,

hope that someone has experience with the connection between oracle database accesses Ms SQL using ODBC.
i did download a trial version of ODBC from installed on HPUX 11.11 and connect to MS SQL server. the connection is fine. i can retrieve data on MS SQL server from HPUX.
But it does not return all columns in a table because of the data type. It can only see INT, CHAR, DATETIME. It could not see VARCHAR, NCHAR...
Would you please help me on data conversion or point me to document regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Honored Contributor

Re: ODBC between oracle DB and Ms SQL


did you have a look the thread we had recently on something similar?

hope this helps!
kind regards
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tom quach_1
Super Advisor

Re: ODBC between oracle DB and Ms SQL

Thanks yogeeraj,

i've looked at that thread.

Thanks again
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Re: ODBC between oracle DB and Ms SQL


If you get tired of trying ODBC, I believe that Oracle sells a SQLServer gateway product to get you from an Oracle connection to SQLServer hosted data. I've no experience in using it however.
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