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ORA-04030 out of process memory

ORA-04030 out of process memory

I have a DBA that is upgrading DWEB and gets the following message. What Kernal paramiter should I increase?

System is a HP9000 K570 2GB RAM

ORA-04030 out of process memory when trying to allocate 48 bytes (callheap, temporary)

Cause: Operating system process private memory has been exhausted.

Action: See the database administrator or operating system administrator to increase process memory quota. There may be a bug in the application that causes excessive allocations of process memory space.
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: ORA-04030 out of process memory

Either swapspace is full or the process is growing larger than the data segment limit imposed by HP-UX. Use swapinfo -tm to check swapspace before running the process, and if there is plenty (100's of megs free), then increase kernel parameter maxdsiz. The default is 64 megs, change it to several hundred. It does not change anything in the kernel--it is just a fence to prevent bad programs from consuming all of memory.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
R Madhavan
Frequent Advisor

Re: ORA-04030 out of process memory

May be you can try increasing maxdsiz, maxtsiz or maxssiz. One or more of these values reaching the per process limit.
Honored Contributor

Re: ORA-04030 out of process memory

Check swapspace before running the process, using swapinfo -tm, if it freem enough, then increase kernel parameter maxdsiz. Total swapspace should be upto 4Gb, enable pseudo swapping (swapmem_on=1). I have attached the kernel parameter file for my K580 server running Oracle 8.
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Vincenzo Restuccia
Honored Contributor

Re: ORA-04030 out of process memory

maxdsiz and maxdsiz_64bit define the maximum size of the static data storage segment of an executing process for 32-bit and 64-bit processors, respectively. This segment contains fixed data storage such as globals, arrays, statics, locals to main(), strings, space allocated using sbrk() and malloc(), and such.

Increase the value of maxdsiz or maxdsiz_64bit only if you have one or more processes that use large amounts of static data storage space.

Whenever the system loads a process or an executing process attempts to expand its static storage segment the system checks the size of the process' static data storage segment.

If the process' requirements exceed maxdsiz or maxdsiz_64bit, the system returns an error to the calling process, possibly causing the process to terminate.

Related Parameters
Note that private memory-mapped files and shared-library data also occupy space in the dynamic storage region. This permits the possibility of conflict in the event you specify the highest possible values for maxdsiz or maxdsiz_64bit.

Related parameters:

Osa Jousou
Occasional Advisor

Re: ORA-04030 out of process memory

This may have nothing to do with the OS kernel parameters. It depends on what the upgrade is doing at the time the error occured. If it's performing SQL than the problem is with the db init parameters. It's also specific to what type of objects the SQL is working with. Ex. select statements could introduce this error. Please explain what the upgrade is doing and give example if possible.