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ORA-06513 error using Oracle Web Application Server

Scott Matthesen
Occasional Advisor

ORA-06513 error using Oracle Web Application Server

I am migrating from Oracle 8.0 to Oracle 8.1.7 and am using Oracle Web App Server for the frontend. Everything works great, with the exception of a couple of queries. I believe it has to do with passing greater than 20 parameters to the package. I really don't want to upgrade the App Server (v 3.0.1) if I don't have to. Is there a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance,
Scott Matthesen
Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor

Re: ORA-06513 error using Oracle Web Application Server

Here's what this error is and resolution per Oracle:
ORA-06513: PL/SQL: index for PL/SQL table out of range for host language array

Cause: An attempt was made to copy a PL/SQL table to a host language array, but an index in the table is either
less than one or greater than the maximum size of the host language array. When copying PL/SQL tables to host language arrays, the table entry at index 1 is placed in the first element of the array, the entry at index 2 is placed in the second element of the array, and so on. If a table entry was not assigned, then the corresponding element in the host language array is set to NULL.

Action: Increase the size of the host language arrays or decrease the size of the PL/SQL table. Also make sure that you do not use index values less than 1.

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