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ORACLE to MySQL migration

Enrico Venturi
Super Advisor

ORACLE to MySQL migration

Hello colleagues,
I know this is not the most appropriate forum to ask for,
but it's the best one that I know :-)

I want to migrate an ORACLE 8.1.x database into a new one based on MySQL 3.23.y ...

What's the best approach?
I've seen there are several commercial tools but we'd like to develop a proprietary solution.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks a lot
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: ORACLE to MySQL migration

This forum seems appropirate to me.

I'd start out by defining the project better.

If you just need the data one time only and are willing to rebuild the relationships, do an oracle export or write sql script to dump the data to a flat file.

If you need to preserve key relationships, you need to write a custom program that outputs the file table by table and another on mysql that imports them.

I believe you will need to set up the key relationships in the target database manually.

Not much, but good luck.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Enrico Venturi
Super Advisor

Re: ORACLE to MySQL migration

Actually I haven't to do it just once ... we've several hundred of ORACLE databases on field that will need migration to MySQL, then we need a deeply tested, error-free, fully automatic procedure to perform such migrations ....

Jean-Luc Oudart
Honored Contributor

Re: ORACLE to MySQL migration

check this link :

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