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Online configure kernel parameter with reboot

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Honored Contributor

Online configure kernel parameter with reboot

I would like to rest some kernel parameters, and because there iaer a lot of users are online, it is not allowed to reboot the system.
pls advise.

Trevor Dyson
Trusted Contributor

Re: Online configure kernel parameter with reboot


A change to kernel parameters is not possible without rebooting at HP-UX version 10.X and 11.00.

This capability will be introduced with HP-UX version 11i.

With SAM you may set the parameters now and coose to delay the reboot until a later time.
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Darrel Louis
Honored Contributor

Re: Online configure kernel parameter with reboot

It was meant to Dynamicly modify kernel parameters in hpux 11.00, but this functionality doesn't work as it was planned.

So at the moment you need to reboot the server.

What you can do create a kernel, put it in place and plan a reboot later.
Honored Contributor

Re: Online configure kernel parameter with reboot


refer to the System Administrator Tasks manual at : - page 30 and 31 of chapter 1 explain how you can rebuild the kernel on-line however you would have to schedule the reboot part for a quiet time, so you could set a cron job to reboot the server at say midnight. (problem is that you probably have to be there when the reboot happens to verify that it worked)
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Re: Online configure kernel parameter with reboot

Tough luck.
There is no way to configure without rebooting.
And when you do reboot, you better be around, coz you are going to be called in anyways :)
Also, ensure that the databases go down and come up properly, or you might have problems.

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