OpenBSD Linux mail forwarding

Trent Bukowsky

OpenBSD Linux mail forwarding

I have a Linux SMTP Server on the local network. Recently I have put up an OpenBSD firwall server to relay mails to the internet.

The problem that I am facing is that my inbound mails are coming well but my outbound mails are not being forwarded. I have tried various setting in the /etc/ipnat.rules file but it does not seem to work.

Since I am new to this I am in the dark. I thought there might be some configurations that I might have to do in sendmail since it is used top forward mails. I installed Openbsd OS and configured the settings in the .rules files based on the Openbsd firewall HOWTO by Derek J Hunt. .

I need to know where I am wrong and how do I configure the firewall machine to relay mails.

thankx trent