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Openmail user not recieving password warning emails

Tony Kuehn

Openmail user not recieving password warning emails

We are running Openmail 5.1 and have a user connecting with Outlook, however, he does not receive warning emails when his password is about to expire. We do have the option "UAL_PWD_WARNING_DAYS=7" set in /var/opt/openmail/sys/general.cfg. Other users are using CCmail and they do receive the warning emails.
Please provide any info/insight. Thanks!!
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Openmail user not recieving password warning emails

Diagnostic step 1.

Take a look at the logs(mail.log?) and see if the messages are even being sent.

You may see that the messages are being bounced by the Exchange Server or some relay server between you and your users.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Mick Kearney

Re: Openmail user not recieving password warning emails


is there a file for this user in ~openmail/sys/user.cfg with the line "UAL_PASSWORD_AGED=ignore" set?
Does the password actually expire?

If the user reverts to CCMail does the same problem persist?
Not sure if the messages will show up in the audit log (~openmail/logs/audit). May be worth checking the event log shortly after the user logs in for the first time that day (omshowlog -p 10 -l 11).