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Oracle 8.1.7 Install Problems

Scott Matthesen
Occasional Advisor

Oracle 8.1.7 Install Problems

Have had numerous problems getting Oracle installed (kernel params, patches, etc.), but have finally gotten thru the install without errors. However, when running sqlplus to connect to the database that oracle created, I am getting a "Oracle-03113: End-Of-File on communication channel" error. Any Ideas?
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8.1.7 Install Problems

Hi there.
I ran into the same problem.
You should check your kernel parameters.
The SHMMAX should be larger than 1 GB.
Check your patch level as well.
Try to get the Installation guide from the
Oracle Technet.
Just another question :
What HP-UX do you use 32-bit or 64-bit ?
For the 64-bit version check for the patch
PHSS_22478, if you use 32-bit check for the
right patch as well.
Alexander M. Ermes
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Andreas D. Skjervold
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8.1.7 Install Problems

Haven't had this problem, but as you get this error during the connection attempt and not during an established connection, it may be that Net8 is not configured right.

This is what Metalink says:

"If this message occurs during a connection attempt, check the setup files for the appropriate SQL*net driver and confirm SQL*Net software is correctly installed on the server. If the message occurs after a connection is well established, and the error is not due to a physical failure, check if a trace file was generated on the server at failure time. Existence of a trace file may suggest an Oracle internal error that requires the assistance of customer support. "

It also says that 03113 is a catch all error, so you might want to review the Metalink note:
ORA-3113 on Unix - What Information to Collect [NOTE:17613.1]

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Scott Matthesen
Occasional Advisor

Re: Oracle 8.1.7 Install Problems

Am running 64 bit version.
Have patch PHSS_22478 installed.
Will try the suggestion about NET*8,
but have fairly limited knowledge of
this area.
Josee Bourget-Thuma
Frequent Advisor

Re: Oracle 8.1.7 Install Problems

Hello Scott!

1- If this was an upgrade and you had many problems during the install it is very possible that the libraries required to run Net8 are not properly linked while the rest of the database is linked just fine. These particular executables are re-linkable individually. Look for the syntax for the "make" command.

2- The above is specially true if you didn't use a new ORACLE_HOME directory. If you didn't, this might make it more difficult to debug. You might want to consider yet ANOTHER install in a seperate ORACLE_HOME.

3- Next, you may find more descriptive errors in your trace file. Locate the "network" or "net8" directory under ORACLE_HOME. Under it, you should find a directory called trace. You most likely have a sqlnet.log which might give you more to diagnose with.

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Hope this helps.

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Scott Matthesen
Occasional Advisor

Re: Oracle 8.1.7 Install Problems

Thanks for all the advice!
It ended up that I was having some
trouble with environment variables.
If anyone is having trouble installing,
follow these steps:

Install PHSS_22478 Patch
Set up all kernel parameters as specified
by Oracle and MAXDSIZE = 1gb (not mentioned
in Oracle docs)
Ensure all environment variables set appropriately.

Again, thanks for all the help!