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Oracle 8i bug

Anthony Goonetilleke
Esteemed Contributor

Oracle 8i bug

I have read that there could be a possible bug in 8i that slows down performance when connecting via SQL*NET, I think it was bug #1058446 does anyone have this bug description or can you tell me anything about it?
I have looked at the Oracle site and cannot find it.
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John Palmer
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i bug

It would appear that the bug is internal to Oracle and consequently is not published.

Extracts from a recent Oracle forum:-

I'd like to alert DBAs that I've found slower performance on my benchmark warehouse queries run on identical (except for RDBMS versions) Oracle instances. Same tables, same statisitics, same execution plans... almost twice as slow on I logged a TAR and was told there is an internal QA bug 1058446 that mimics my symptoms. Sadly Oracle does not release Internal bugs to the public and thus causes
DBAs to age prematurely. I was told to wait for 8.1.7.
From: Oracle, Helen Schoone 04-May-00 23:50
Subject: Re : Re : slower than 8.0.6 (bug 1058446 )-- clarification

Hi. The testing for the bug also showed higher values for sorts(rows) than in 8.0.4. However, it is also possible their is an execution plan change. You might want to take a look at some sample queries.

To let you know, work on the referenced bug is complete and a request for inclusion in the next 8.1.6 patchset release has been submitted.