Oracle Apps through Linux clients

Khalil Mir
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Oracle Apps through Linux clients

Oracle Apps through Linux clients
can anyone guide for this ?
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Re: Oracle Apps through Linux clients

It is not clear what you are looking for.

Please see the below URL and it may help you:

Please be specific and it will give better resultss.
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Re: Oracle Apps through Linux clients

Oracle application Version used:
client Desktop: Redhat Linux
Web Browser used: Firefox 1.0.7

1. find out sun_plugin_version from
$FND_TOP/resource/appsweb_${HOST}.cfg from your applications NODE
Version was 1.4.2._04

2. Download and install j2sdk version 1.4.2_04 from
on Linux Desktop. The JDK install directory would be

3. Creae Link in firefox plugins directory.
firefox plugin location: /usr/lib/firefox-1.0.7/plugins
Create a link: ln -s

4. Manually register the plugin;
Open firefox browser
at the url type about:plugins
and you should see bunch of mime types under JAVA(TM) Plugin-In 1.4.2_04

Now you are set with Jinitiator/java plugin required for Linux desktop.

5. Access oracle apps using http://server:port/
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Oracle Apps through Linux clients


Quite possible. What you need is a compatible web browser. In the old days firefox would not work, now it will.

Java is easy to get for either 32 bit or 64 bit Linux. Again pick one based on the Oracle documentation which is very specific what is required.

Oracle used to use a special bit of application software that only worked on Windows and Internet Explorer. I was told years ago that practice had stopped and they were truly web based and browser based.

So either they provide a client for Linux or stopped using it.

The guide on how to do this depends on what version of Oracle apps is installed on the server. You don't provide this and my crystal ball is not available to me in Toledo, having been left back in Israel.

Steven E Protter
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