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Oracle HPUX Client

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Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Oracle HPUX Client

I am hoping someone can lead me to this as I falling short on what is needed.
Scenario: Host1 is running Oracle 8.0.5 on HPUX 10.20. Host2 is a HPUX 11i host running a different application. Host2 needs some type of odbc client( or Oracle UNIX Client ) in order to talk with Oracle on Host1.
Question: What is needed on Host2 in order for a different application to talk to Oracle on Host1 ? I hear that somewhere there is an Oracle client that needs to be installed but I am having problems finding a reference to what it is. I may even already have in on the Oracle CDs but my lack of knowledge in the Oracle world is stopping me from finding it.

Can anyone out there give me an idea of what to look for or what exactly is needed ? SQL*NET , sqlplus, etc. etc. Or at least a quick overview of requirements ?
Any background would be greatly appreciate.
Thanks to all. I hope my description above was adequate...
Santosh Nair_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle HPUX Client


If you go through the Oracle install, it gives you the option of installing just the client (if memory serves). So you would need to install this portion on Host2. This would include sqlnet, sqlplus and some other utilities.

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Re: Oracle HPUX Client

Hi Tim -

I've been through some similar sutff recently. I was working with Oracle 8.1.7. When you fire up the installation of Oracle 8.1.7, you have the option of installing the Server software, the Client software, or the Enterprise Management software.

You can install the Oracle 8.1.7 Client software on your host2 and it will allow you to connect to Oracle 8.0.5 on your host1. Oracle Client consists of sqlplus, precompilers, client libraries, SQL*Net, etc., the stuff needed to connect to a database on a different host.
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle HPUX Client

Thanks to you both.. That is what I needed, to be pointed in the right direction..

Much appreciated...

Re: Oracle HPUX Client

If you want to access any application then either odbc connectivity or jdbc connectivity or use native oracle drivers.

hope this helps