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Oracle Installation

Kenn Chen

Oracle Installation

Where could i get the oracle installation procedures for HP-UX 11.0 ?
Cyber Zen
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Installation

If you go to you can register and have access to the oracle installation notes and even to a downloadable copy of oracle !!!

Good luck.
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Devbinder Singh Marway
Valued Contributor

Re: Oracle Installation

It depends what version of oracle you are installing, for example if you are installing version 8.1.6 you will get "LOADS" of CD's and one of them is the documentation CD ( with installation instructions) , however this requires you to have a Graphical User Interface to install it , it is not character based.
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Re: Oracle Installation


I send you a file you can use for the installation. It works well for Linux systems, but it is almost the same for HP systems.

With regards,

Dieter Degrendele
Jesper Sivertsen
Frequent Advisor

Re: Oracle Installation


Before you install be aware of a lot of patches you have to install !

You also have to tune a lot og kernel parameters.

Also if you install on a 64 bit system, you should increse the maxdsize to 200 Mb in the kernel, else you cannot relink oracle !

Good luck
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