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Oracle Open Cursor

Sylvie Vezina
Occasional Advisor

Oracle Open Cursor

I have an installation of oracle 8.0.6 (32bits) on hp/ux 11 (64bits) for their Oracle instance.

I have to transfer my database from one server to a newer and I am getting an error over max_open_cursors exeeded even with the same ini parameters as on old server. I am getting this when starting screening jobs in lab loader. The init file is setup for 600 open cursors

I will appreciate any information you may have.
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Re: Oracle Open Cursor


A number of 500 or 1,000
is more reasonable value for max_open_cursors.

cursors live for the life of a database session or until you close them.

Suggest that you increase the limit further to 1000. After that, if you still have issues, look at v$open_cursor as your session is running
to see what cursors are sticking around that you feel should not be (plsql is
going to cache some so you would be looking for NON-plsql based cursors in

hope this helps!

Best Regards
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Indira Aramandla
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Re: Oracle Open Cursor

Yes as Yogeeraj said open CURSORS are active until you close them. Increase the OPEN_CURSORS parameter in the init.ora file and hopefully this should be fine.
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