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Oracle Parallel Server

Jim Hendrick

Oracle Parallel Server

Anyone using it with HP-UX and FCAL to XP256 array?

Good reports?

Bad experiences?

Any "gotchas" with configuration?

We are looking for both (1) scalability and (2) reliability/fail-over.

Are there other (simpler/better) options? We don't need "five nines" (we *do* need 99.5 during prime shift) but we need an easy way to scale as performance needs grow. If this is "easy" and "robust" it would solve both problems at once.



Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Parallel Server

Hi there.
If possible, setup a high availability cluster.
Using Oracle Parallel server also costs extra money on licenses ( LOT OF MONEY ! ).
Install Oracle as a package on a cluster with switching enabled.
We have two N4000 configured as HA cluster with FC disk arrays. No problems so far.
If one nide fails, the software packages switch to the other.
Alexander M. Ermes
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