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Oracle Recovery - Methods

Oracle Recovery - Methods

Hi All,

I am in process of upgradation of Oracle 8i to Oracle 9i, I have HPUX 9000 series C8000 having 11.11i as OS level and it is my Oracle Server.

Before proceeding for migration, I took the complete backup of tablespaces i.e my whole Oracle sid in tar format. while upgrading(using database upgrade assistant dbua) the database I came across an error something like "communication channel interrupted". So I thought to reset my old oracle 8i. so, I removed the database and put back the backup which I took in tar format. But when I start the database It gives me error like database not open, due to the reason like one of the tablespace zima.dbf got corrupted.

I tried using the method, STARTUP MOUNT and then ALTER DATABASE OPEN, but the result is same as oracle putforth the error like one of the tablespace ZIMA.dbf is not consistent.

Please help me to retrive back my old Oracle 8i setup.

Thanks in advance.

Yajuvendra Singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Recovery - Methods

Hi Yajuvendra,

Was the instance down while you took the backup? If you took it while the instance was running, was the instance in "hot backup" mode? Do you have the archivelogs leading up to the end of the backup?

An "inconsistent" backup is one in which recorded changes are from different SCNs (system change numbers). You will need to read redo logs and archive logs to make it consistent again.

Check out the "Oracle Backup and Recovery FAQ":


Re: Oracle Recovery - Methods

Thanks SPEX, I managed to recover my database with my old dump. But no where in any document I didnt find a Oracle recovery details, few of doc. couldnt able to understand. Anyhow thanks for your response, any details/information to recovery database will be helpful to me.
PAVIC Thierry
Frequent Advisor

Re: Oracle Recovery - Methods

You have two notion for me :
1 - save/bakcup
it's for me a method to copy your database file, on a disk a tape after a shutdown of it.
second way make an export

You can make a backup withou stopping your base if you have archive log mode enable.

first of all you put it in begin backup mode, you save the file, you put it in end backup mode, and svae archive log file

2 - recover

you put you last backup, you start your databse, and after you make all your change betwenne your backup and the time you want
with recover.

typical error message :
ORA-01113: file 1 needs media recovery
ORA-01110: data file 1:

sample :
shutdown immediate