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Oracle Reports Server not responding

Oracle Reports Server not responding

Hi all,

We use a HP9000 (K Class) with some Gb of memory. Oracle 8.0.5 and Oracle Developer 6i are installed on it. For month's the system worked perfectly. Some weeks ago, very long reports have to be made, so I changed the MAXDSIZ to 256 Mb. Now we have the problem that the Reports Server is crashing unexpectedly. Restarting the reports server is the only solution I found.
There is still a lot of memory available when the reports server crashes. Did somebody encounter the same problem.

Please help,

With regards,
Dieter Degrendele
John Palmer
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle Reports Server not responding

Hi Dieter,

If all you've changed is maxdsiz then the only thing that I can think of is that you may be running out of swap space due to the increased amount of data space that your processes are presumably using.

Keep an eye on swap usage with swapinfo -t. Also as you have lots of spare memory, ensure that the kernel parameter swapmem_on is set to 1, this will reduce your requirement for disk swap space.


Re: Oracle Reports Server not responding


I saw now that it is NOT the reports server that is crashing. It seems that the weblistener does not respond anymore. We are using WebDB 2.2. Probably, this WebDB has some bugs because I heard Oracle is using Apache. But the problems start only when big reports are asked. Is there a link or a parameter we have to configure?

With kind regards,

Dieter Degrendele