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Oracle and sqmax

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Oracle and sqmax

Does anyone know if these two have anything in common? My SA installed PHNE_33395 and never set the parameter SQMAX to 1000 and now I am having problems starting my concurrent managers. I am unable to find any additional in formation any where. How is it used?

This is the error message in my log file:
Starting FNDCRM Concurrent Manager : 23-JAN-2006 09:56:29

Could not start Service Manager FNDSM_AMSYS5_FINPROD. The TNS alias could not be located, the listener proces
s on AMSYS5 could not be contacted, or the listener failed to spawn the Service Manager process.
Routine AFPEIM encountered an error while starting concurrent manager FNDCRM with library /d03/oracle/prodapp

Check that your system has enough resources to start a concurrent manager process. Contact your system a : 2
3-JAN-2006 09:56:29

This repeats for every concurrent manager on the system.

The patch was added to the system just prior to the error. I am just trying to eliminate possible causes.

Thanks for the help.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Oracle and sqmax

I can't find any connection between that parameter and anything in the Oracle database.

Is it checked for a certain value at installation time?

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: Oracle and sqmax

The HP patch says to set it to 1000, which my SA is planning on doing. You need to run an additional script to set it. I am just trying to eliminate the HP patch causing my Oracle problem. There is no information on METALINK for sqmax, so maybe it is nothing. The HP patch was a security patch.
Simon Wickham_6
Regular Advisor

Re: Oracle and sqmax


sqmax relates to a internal system parameter. I beleive this internal system parameter is related to streams.

As for the required patch this relates to cumulative ARPA Transport patch.