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Oracle apllication clustering R12

Oracle apllication clustering R12

We have two node env (RX3600), on these nodes we are using Oracle RAC 10G for Database clustering, but for high availability of application we want to use SGeRAC. My question is that is our decision is right or what we should add or change in this solution?
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Re: Oracle apllication clustering R12

If I understand you are going to add a new application besides the database?

And you want to use a SG to have HA on the new application ?

Windows?, no thanks
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Oracle apllication clustering R12


Oracle RAC ships with its own clustering solution.

There are certain deployment scenarios that do require SGeRAC. Others do not.

As I recall RAC 10G has its own clustering solution and can handle active-active deployment.

It might lead to a simpler deployment without SG. What specific feature of SGeRAC do you need not provided by Oracle clustering.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Oracle apllication clustering R12

let me clear the scenario,for database and application we are using two nodes scenario.On these nodes we have EBS version 12.0.4. For HA of database "10G" we have RAC but HA for application "R12" what exactly we need? We talked to Oracle about HA of R12 application and they recommended load balancer for application redundancy.My concern is that if we are not using load balancer then can we use SGeRAC for high availability of application R12 or we must use load balancer to achieve this task.
Thanks for your replies.
Ben Dehner
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Re: Oracle apllication clustering R12

There are several ways to go about this, depending on what the application supports.

You can use a load balancer to act as a front door for the application. Behind the load balancer there will be one or more hosts -- depending on what the application supports -- running the application. If a running host fails, the load balancer will redirect clients to another host.

If the application cannot span multiple hosts, then you can use either ServiceGuard (SG) or Oracle Clusterware (OCW) for failover to a standby system; if the application or host fails, it is automatically started up on a seperate server. While a load-balancer can still be used to redirect clients to the running system, you don't really need it, because SG and OCW can be configured to take over the identity (including IP address) of the failed host. Either SG or OCW could be used for this purpose, you don't need both, and you don't need SGeRAC. Which is "better" is a seperate discussion.
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Re: Oracle apllication clustering R12

I think provided information is not enough to form an opinion.

In general, Application level clustering is used when we want to achieve "High Availability (HA)" or when we want session persistence.

In my opinion, you should also raise your query to Oracle as well.

For the technology overview, Kindly check out the white paper "Implementing a Highly Available Oracle EBS Architecture" presented in oracle openworld 2008.

hope that will satisfy your concerns.