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Oracle listener not working

Respected Contributor

Oracle listener not working

Problem Description:
We are using oracle 9i installed on HP-UX server as database. After installing oracle client on my windows server, I am not able to connect to the remote database. While connecting, I am getting error as "ORA-12541: TNS: no listener". I tried to check the status of the listener by using "lsnrctl -status" command. But it shows "lsnrctl is not an external or internal command".

The only thing that I did was I restarted my HP-UX server and till now, i hav not logged into the server as we are facing some password issue also with HP-UX server( the password is expired and we are nt able to login).

Can any1 help me in resolving this issue?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Oracle listener not working


If ur Database Server is on HP-UX and client is
on Windows then u have to do following things.

1] Modify tnsnames.ora file on Windows Server
under $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin and add
configuration for ur database SID/Service on
HP-UX Server.

2] Use tnsping command from oracle client side
to check if config. is OK.


It sholud return OK.

3] Connect database using oracle client with
the name u have added in tnsnames.ora

In ur case it seems that listener on HP-UX
server (Oracle DB Server) is having problem.

U check listener status on HP machine.

Also connecting Database with TNS, OS password
is not required, Oracle LISTENER takes care
of all connections from different Oracle Clients.

Rasheed Tamton
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle listener not working

On your PC do as Santhosh suggested.

On HP-UX box, check the below;
Login as oracle user:

ll $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle
It should be 6766

or do
chmod 6755 $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/lsnrctl start

If you have login to hp-ux box as oracle, just ask the system admin to reset your passwd or ask him su to oracle (su - oracle) and do the above commands:

Rasheed Tamton
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle listener not working

>ll $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle
>It should be 6766

Sorry, I meant 6755

Rasheed Tamton.

Re: Oracle listener not working

Hi Akies,

lsnrctl only available from oracle user.

Check if database currently up and running:
ps -ef | grep oracle ,you will see at list 10 background oracle processes. (dbw, arc, pmon â ¦)
At the same success you can check if listener is running:
ps -ef | grep tnslsnr or netstat -an | grep 1521 (default port for listener)
But I recommend you to check listener status anywhere.

When you on 100% sure that DB and listener are running, then you can configure your client PC.

Follow Santhoshâ s steps for tnsnames.ora configuration

One more thing: Port 1521 used by listener by default, but it is possible to change it in listener.ora on your database server. I suggest you to check port in listener.ora on your DB server and then set the same value in tnasnames.ora on your client PC.



Dariusz Bogaj
Occasional Visitor

Re: Oracle listener not working


Vadim is right. Akies, I think you should check configuration of TNS on Windows/PC workstation and on HP-UX server.

On PC:

Look at line starting with:
Attempting to contact ....

C:\> ping HOST

Check IP address

#:\> netstat -in

One line form output for c). must match output for "ping HOST" (b).

#:\> lsnrctl status
#:\> lsnrctl status SID (if you have several listeners running on HP-UX)

Analyse a couple of lines after
Listening Endpoints Summary..

Check PORT. This port No have to match port No from tnsping (a).

It should help with ORA-12541.

The different issue is "lsnrctl is not an external or internal command". Check profile options, kernell parameters etc. with instalation guide for Oracle. Maybe after reboot some required env. variables were lost (not saved in .profile).

What do you have after issuing just:

#> lsnrctl


Re: Oracle listener not working

Regarding the password problem on HP-UX, the solutions is to boot into single user mode. After single user mode is running, change the password and reboot normally.

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