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Oracle startup script

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Occasional Contributor

Oracle startup script


We have Oracle 9.2 with HP-UX 11.23

I have tried oracle procedure but that doesnt work.

can somebody help me for a script that do:
1. start lsnrctl, agenctl and database when OS start

2.shutdown lsnrctl, agenctl and database when computer shutdown.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Oracle startup script

Attaching mine.

You soft link in the /sbin/rc3.d directory to start S9890oracle

and softlink the kill script in /sbin/rc2.d


Works with 9i and the /etc/oratab file

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Occasional Contributor

Re: Oracle startup script

Can i use the same script for K110oracle S9890oracle ?

softlink ??? can i use ln ? where i put the script ?

Works with 9i and the /etc/oratab file... ???
R. Allan Hicks
Trusted Contributor

Re: Oracle startup script

One thing to watch out for......

/etc/oratab does not default to allow you to use dbstart and dbshut.

If you look at the file, you'll see some verbage that describes the way oratab should look. Basically it is several fields, Instance name, oracle home and a start up flag. If the last uncommented line has an 'N', running dbstart will exit without a warning message or anything, but the database will not start.

It's a common gotcha. Just thought I'd point it out.
-Good Luck

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