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Oracle9i Application Server Installation

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Oracle9i Application Server Installation

Hi everybody.
I must to install Oracle9iAS on HP-UX11.0 which already has Oracle 8.1.7 database. Accoding to the corresponding Oracle guide which is very tangled at first I must create a group named oinstall with oracle user in it. But I already have oracle user of dba group. So what should I do: to create any other user with arbitrary name(not oracle) to install OAS or change all the env variables of the existent oracle user? What other OAS installation guide can you recommend?
Thank you.
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle9i Application Server Installation

Hi there.
Create that installer group and add the oracle user to it.
Then create a environment script containing additonal variables, that should be run after the variables for oracle dba have been set.
That should do the job.
Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: Oracle9i Application Server Installation

Why don??t create the new group and add the oracle user (/etc/group) to it. As fas as I know an user can be member of several groups.

Best regards.
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Re: Oracle9i Application Server Installation


Just a few comments

I am already in that environment.

Make sure you go through all your release notes and perform all pre-installation and post-installation tasks.

I had a very bad experience missing one line during my pre-installation. It concerned setting up the temporary directory variable. In fact, if you don't set it according to the specifications, your installation may crash after hours of installation!! The only way to continue then would be to relaunch the installation.

Also, don't forget the JDK issue. That's important too.

It really unfortunate that we don't have a character mode install option!!

Wish you all the best. 9iAS is a great product. Hope that u are installing the latest version. i.e Release 2

Best Regards
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