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PHP Gettext Extension

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PHP Gettext Extension


Trying to get an image Gallerie PHP application running on HPUX's Apache with PHP 5.2.6 (the one that comes with Apache).

This is the exact problem I'm having:

Basically, the PHP Gettext extension is missing. I need to recompile PHP with-gettext. I don't like the approach of having to built or own version of PHP... Isn't there a way to get that extension within the built in PHP provided by HP?

If anyone can enlighten me?

Thanks so much.

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Re: PHP Gettext Extension

appears it can be / should be loaded separately. see this for more info:
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Re: PHP Gettext Extension

Not sure I get you... I can't see how to make it work through that message post... I can't / don't want to start modifying the source code of the Gallery software either...

All I know is that PHP needs to be compiled with the --with-gexttext option, which doesn't seem to be the case in the hpuxwsAPACHE depot provided by HP.

I'm trying to find a way to get it in there, without the need of compiling my own PHP from source into let's say /opt/php-5.2.9/. It'll become a nightmare afterward handling versions... Apache's gonna be f*cked up whenever we want to upgrade it, etc.

Thanks again... P.