Re: PSP Drivers / Redhat - /dev/null issues

Tony Spencer
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PSP Drivers / Redhat - /dev/null issues

I'm trying to deploy the hp-health and hp-snmp-agents to a Redhat 5.5 Enterprise (64Bit) build on a HP DL380. I'm using the psp-8.40.rhel5.x86_64.en.tar.gz package from the HP site.
The hp-health rpm installed fine and I was able to start the process using the init script.
Then I moved onto the hp-snmp-agents rpm which installed without complaints. However I tried to restart the hp-health process I got error messages say:

/dev/null: no such device or address

Upon looking the install of the hp-snmp-agent rpm had for some reason changed /dev/null from a character device to a standard file, from "crw-rw-rw-" to "srw-rw-rw-". I managed to retrieve /dev/null by removing it and recreating it with mknod.

But hp-health will no longer run and I can't find any log messages explaining why.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Steven E. Protter
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Re: PSP Drivers / Redhat - /dev/null issues

Shalom Tony,

HP commonly released PSP for new Red Hat releases 3-6 months after they hit the market.

You can use 5.5 or you can use PSP but you can't use both until HP releases a new PSP.

Steven E Protter
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Sandy Garza
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Re: PSP Drivers / Redhat - /dev/null issues

We are looking into the issue with the PSP 8.40 agents. Please be aware that PSP 8.40 does not offically support RHEL 5.5. The official PSP for RHEL 5.5, v8.41, will be released shortly. Our target is to have a PSP released within 30 days of Red Hat's General Release date.

Thank you,