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Passthru Printing

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Passthru Printing

Greetings all

thanx for the help last time, i am on another project now "passthru printing"

I have a script that i can use to pass a print job to a my local telnet session
and it is

echo "\033[5i\c"; cat $1; echo "\033[4i\c"

i can then do a file_to_print

and it will print the file to my local printer.

what I'm trying to do is have a printer setup that the user selects from with
in the application and it will print to there VT220/VT420 telnet session...

any help would be great


Pierre Boyer
Occasional Visitor

Re: Passthru Printing

your problem described will not be correctly replied
while without context is not easy it to understand what you mean.

i don?t know what of kind of application the user is runing, i just think that
you can help you whith the "cat spoolfile | more " or "tail -nxx spoolfile"
to view a printout at the vt220 screen.

Best regards
Pierre Boyer