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Popping Mail

Donovan Israel Murray
Occasional Advisor

Popping Mail

Hello Guys:

I am running 11.0 on a RP5470.
The system is currently
configured as a mail server, and can receive and route mail messages;
however the server does not allow the direct retrieval of messages via
the POP or IMAP protocols from a PC client.

Can anyone explain how to do this? or indicate if this is at all possible?

Thanks in advance

Oleg Zieaev_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Popping Mail

You need to install pop3. I run qpoper:

Working just fine.

Hope this helps.
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benoit Bruckert
Honored Contributor

Re: Popping Mail

If you prefer imap :
University of washington imap is working good ...(I'm using it !) :

hope that help
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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Popping Mail

If you have a firewall between you and your users, make sure port 110 is open.

The qpopper tool is probably a depot which means you can swinstall it.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Shannon Petry
Honored Contributor

Re: Popping Mail

qpopper is nice, but I much prefer IMAP. Both are relatively simple to configure and run, but IMAP allows for custom mail boxes and folders, as well as moves mail from the SMTP server area to a home directory relieving service time on busy accounts, and allowing for easier backups.

You will need to compile wu_imap, but it is well worth it. The IMAP server also includes a POP1, POP2, and POP3 daemon for those who can not use IMAP(POP4).

Not sure about your users, but mine hated POP mail after IMAP.

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