Preferred Path Linux with EVA

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Preferred Path Linux with EVA

I have a server with Red Hat AS 3 and storage EVA, this installed the driver of qlogic failover. As the Preferred Path in Red Hat is defined? The objective is that the data are acceded by a fiber card.


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Re: Preferred Path Linux with EVA


There is no "preferred" path. Path is determined partly by the position of the fiber card, and how the controller is set up.

EVA's present data to systems based on the WWN, World Wide Name of the fiber card.

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Re: Preferred Path Linux with EVA

Interactions between Linux and EVA/s should be done using the Qlogic MPIO driver. This driver is not included with Linux but is supplied by HP.

With this driver a user can ensure that I/Os are sent to a Vdisk only through the non-proxy controller of that Vdisk.

Furthermore, load balancing across HBA/s and all the host ports of the non-proxy controller is done. If failover to the other controller becomes necessary, the ownership of the Vdisk will be transferred to that controller.
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