Alfonso Martinez
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helo, well, i'm don't write english very well, but i try...
i have a printer (Compaq IJ650) and actualy i begin to work in linux (fedora core 1) but my printer don't work, y send a job to printer and don't print, the page is in blank, noting in there, exist any driver for linux of this printer?, thanks for you help, and my aplpogis for my bad english.
Alexander Chuzhoy
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Re: Printer

I suggest you to use the printconf utility.
simply type printconf at command prompt.

Now usually if there isn't any driver for your printer -try to use the closest one.

I really don't know if there is a driver for
Compaq IJ650
but there is a support for Compaq IJ750
and I suggest you to try this driver....

Tell us if it works..

Best regards.$