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Problem in Mailing.

Balakumar M
Frequent Advisor

Problem in Mailing.

Hi All,
We are facing problem in sending mail, Its works for intranet(internal mailing) but its not working for internet,eg unable to send mail to outside domain. what could be the problem? any sugestion?.. in hp-ux 10.20

Looking for u r help,
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Re: Problem in Mailing.


you can use
#sendmail -v user@internetdomain
and look to the message print out , that could be.

1. the relay mail server not properly configure
2. it cannot lookup internet
3, firewall
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Martha Mueller
Super Advisor

Re: Problem in Mailing.

I found a similar problem...I had to specify a return address before the message was accepted for delivery. I also use mailx rather than mail. For example:

mailx -r recipient

You need to have postmaster be a real user or alias it in /etc/mail/aliases file.