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Problem installing Progress 9.1c

Marco Castillo
Occasional Contributor

Problem installing Progress 9.1c

I had some space problems after installing Progress 9.1c. My /var file system was full but Progress tells me that it shouldn't affect any other file system except the one where I installed the product which was of course, another one. Is this true? there any log or something that could affect my file system /var?...
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S.K. Chan
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem installing Progress 9.1c

I have not install Progress before but I can give some comment that may help. Typically in a 3rd party installation the application will be installed in /opt and 2 other directories MAY be involved ..
1) /etc/opt/
2) /var/opt/
For 1) it's usually the location for the application configuration file (pretty static). For 2) it's where the log files for the application is located. So if you suspect your /var is full after the installation check in /var/opt. If you cannot find anything in /var that is related to Progress then it may be due to some temporary files being created in /var/tmp and not deleted after the install. Check there too. Otherwise it may be not related to Progress at all. Check your system log files in /var/adm/syslog and /var/adm.
Hope this helps ..
Fred Martin_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem installing Progress 9.1c

I've installed Progress 9 and I agree, it should not affect /var, assuming you selected somewhere else for the install directory. Where is your dlc directory located?
Fred Martin_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem installing Progress 9.1c

Sorry, I know you said you did not install dlc in /var, but there are many links into /var.
Peter Kloetgen
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Problem installing Progress 9.1c

Hi Mario,

did you also have a look into /var/tmp? Perhaps during Progress files have been stored there but not been deleted after?

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Brad Kozak
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem installing Progress 9.1c

Progress Solution ID: P25297

Title: "Growing OS log file /var/adm/wtmp has nothing to do with Progress"

Created: 16-May-2003 Last Modified: 16-May-2003
Status: Unverified

Known to occur in:
??? UNIX

??? /var/adm/wtmp file is growing when starting Progress.

??? This file is an Operating System log file to log accounting information for ftp, mail or printing systems, which had nothing to do with Progress.


Maybe this will help.