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Problem with SFTP


Problem with SFTP


When i try to do
sftp>put /files/efundata/output_pending/HSA_20100605_000000.dat /data/fulfill/batch/ftpin/HSA_20100605_000000.dat

i am getting an error like " Couldn't stat remote file: No such file or directory"

But the file is actually moved to the remote server not sure why i am getting the above error. Please help me out
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with SFTP

I know nothing, but adding "-v" (or "-vv", or
...) to an "sftp" command can enable some
potentially useful diagnostic messages.

> Please help me out

You first. Some basic description of the
systems involved here might be nice to have.
And the relevant software on each.

uname -a
ssh -V

Any useful info at all?
Raynald Boucher
Super Advisor

Re: Problem with SFTP

Does your destination directory exist?
Is it writable?
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with SFTP

Make sure that "/data/fulfill/batch/ftpin" exists as a directory (not a file). Make sure that it is writable by the user your logging into.

After you connect instead of doing a put just go to each directory on the tree and list everything.

By just iterating all the way down the to final destination and looking at all the permissions - you should see what's holding you up.

cd /data
ls -al
cd fulfill
ls -al
cd batch
ls -al
cd ftpin
ls -al
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George Spencer_4
Frequent Advisor

Re: Problem with SFTP

It sounds as though you can write to, but not read, in a directory. Run:

ls -ld /data /data/fulfill /data/fulfill/batch/ftpin

and check that each directory has read permission for the sftp user. Also check the ACL's, in case you have a someone being a little too smart.