Problem with second storage

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Problem with second storage


I am getting problem with my eva 5000.
Let me first tell my configuration.
Server: Red Hat AS 3.0 U7 with kernel 2.4.21-40
Secure Path: Secure Path 3.0C SP3
Storage: Eva 5000

We got two Eva 5000 storage systems ( called Eva1 and Eva2 ) which are managed by same appliance.

When I made a host description on Eva2 storage everything works good. However, when I made the same things on my Eva1 storage, my server couldn't communicate with storage and 'spmgr display' gives "Error: Could not transfer data with agent." error.

I have to give some space to my server from Eva1 but I couldn't. Is there any configuration I forgot to do?

Thanx for help.